FCAMA Lenten Devotion – Saturday, March 21, 2015

John 12:1-11

The chief priests decided that they would kill Lazarus too. (John 12:10, CEB)

Following Jesus is, well, it is not as easy as we seem to want it to be.

This is especially true for Lazarus.

He was a follower, and he still got sick… he was a follower and this illness overtook his health and took his life. He was a follower and was still buried in his tomb…

However, Jesus came back to Lazarus after his death and brought him to new life!

This is great news… Jesus not only heals illness but brings life into death. And, for Lazarus, this means a second chance to follow Jesus… but not without a cost.

Immediately after Lazarus was raised he was the focus of assassination attempts. It seems that following Jesus does not come without cost.

Christ has big plans for your life, and if you want in on those plans… well, look at Lazarus. He served Jesus and his life was at stake…

Remember, this is a straight and narrow road and we are called to carry the cross.

Lord, help us serve and follow you, even when our life is at stake. Amen.

> The Editors

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