Congregation Council

Below are the members of our Congregation Council and their committee assignments (parentheses indicate end of current term):

  • Tim Kirkendall, President – Social Ministry/Evangelism (2019)
  • Mark Gill, Vice-President – Youth (2019)
  • Randy Scott, Secretary  – Property (2020)
  • Kayden Bauman* – Social Ministry/Evangelism (2019)
  • Marilyn Capps – Memorial (2019)
  • Roger Lampe – Worship & Music (2020)
  • Jerry Lindstrom – Christian Education (2021)
  • Betty Massey – Christian Education (2021)
  • Chuck Smith – Stewardship (2021)
  • Pastor Andrew Chavanak (ex officio)

The Congregation Council is composed of members of St. Paul’s elected by those present at our Annual Meeting, held on the last Sunday of January. The officers of the Council are then elected to their positions by the Council. Council members serve three-year terms, and are eligible to be re-elected once (for a maximum of six consecutive years of service). [*Appointed by the Council to serve until the next annual meeting.]

The Council is responsible for prayerfully directing the affairs of the congregation, particularly by helping to set and implement the vision and mission of our community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our Council members, or to attend meetings of the Council (held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm).


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