Welcome to St. Paul’s

Week 24 - Jesus Raises Lazarus

On the first Sunday in Lent, we gather at St. Paul’s to hear the story of one of Jesus’ most incredible acts: the raising of Lazarus from the dead. In a world of despair and doubt, we draw comfort and strength from the knowledge that Jesus weeps with us, abides with us, and speaks our names to bring life and possibility from death and hopelessness. There is a place for you at St. Paul’s; worship with Holy Communion begins at 10:00am

Mid-Week Lenten Services at St. Paul’s – Wednesdays at 6:15pm
Join us this Lent at St. Paul’s as we reflect on the theme “We Are Lutheran” by pondering five critical aspects of the Christian life and faith that come from our Reformation heritage. Our schedule is as follows:

February 21 – Sola Gratia (“By Grace Alone”)
February 28 – Sola Fide (“By Faith Alone”)
March 7 – Sola Scriptura (“By Word Alone”)
March 14 – Solo Christo (“In Christ Alone”)
March 21 – Soli Deo Gloria (“Glory to God Alone”)

We begin with a light supper served at 6:15pm, and services follow at 6:45pm. We look forward to worshiping with you this Lent!

The Season of Lent
Lent is a season of preparation and introspection, stretching from the observance of Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Sunday). Traditionally the forty days of Lent have not included Sundays, which are always regarded as celebrations of the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, even though the mood of these celebrations might be somewhat subdued for a time; thus we refer to the Sundays “in” Lent rather than Sundays “of” Lent. Lent is marked by a renewal of spiritual disciplines like fasting, prayer, study, almsgiving, and service, and is intended to prepare the hearts of believers to celebrate rightly the Great Fifty Days of Easter. Lent is set off from other seasons by the prevalence of the color purple, which signifies both Christ’s royalty and the spirit of repentance to which believers are called.

Narrative Lectionary Daily Readings
The Narrative Lectionary focuses our congregation on one Scripture reading each Sunday. Below are some suggested readings to make connections between this past Sunday’s and next Sunday’s texts or to examine related stories in Scripture (from the fine folks at www.clergystuff.com). Further resources for reflection can be found in the inserts in Sunday’s bulletin. (Updated Mondays.)

Narrative Lectionary Week 23 – The Man Born Blind (Transfiguration of Our Lord)
Sunday, February 11 – The Man Born Blind (John 9:1-41)
Monday, February 12 – Jesus Walks on Water (John 6:16-21)
Tuesday, February 13 – Bread from Heaven (John 6:22-34)
Wednesday, February 14 – The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18)
Thursday, February 15 – The Bread of Life (John 6:35-59)
Friday, February 16 – Words of Eternal Life (John 6:60-71)
Saturday, February 17 – The Unbelief of Jesus’ Brothers (John 7:1-9)

We are Church, joined in mission for the sake of the world!
St. Paul’s partners with 245 congregations and over 100,000 Lutheran Christians as a member congregation of the Nebraska Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Click below to learn more about the ministry we share!

NE Synod Text LogoThe Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is around 4,000,000 members strong, working through nearly 10,000 congregations across the United States and the Caribbean to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ for the sake of the world God made and loves. Click below to explore how the ELCA is doing “God’s Work” with “our hands” every day.

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