Below are the homework questions for Week 5 (Due September 30, 2015)

Read Romans 7:15-25. Now answer the following questions:

1) Paul describes the conflict that rages within us – we know what we should do, but sometimes don’t do it. Think of a time when you have been tempted to break one of God’s commandments. What helped you to overcome that temptation? (At least three sentences, please.)

2) Think of a time that you gave into that temptation and broke a commandment. Why did you go ahead with it when you knew it was wrong? (At least three sentences, please.)

3) Paul reminds us that we cannot overcome temptation on our own. Martin Luther identified five “means of grace”, given by God to strengthen us in our faith. How do each of these “means of grace” help us to resist temptation and know the forgiveness that is ours in Christ?

Holy Baptism
Holy Communion
Mutual Support of the Saints

4) Write any other questions you have about the Law or the Gospel, or our lives as Sinners and Saints.



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