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Journey to Jersey: Day Three

Sunday morning dawned and most of us were up with the sun. We spent some time getting to know a few of our fellow travelers, and the guys lent a hand to the folks at Zion as they loaded up the food they’d be serving for breakfast later.

At 9:00 we loaded our gear back onto the buses and then hit the streets for the four-block-long walk to a local park, where breakfast was served and worship was held. On the way, some of Waterville’s finest provided assistance in crossing the larger streets in town, and we saw other evidence that the city had rolled out the welcome mat:


With our stomachs and hearts filled, we jumped onto our buses and resumed our journey. We stopped in the Youngstown, Ohio, area for lunch, then spent some time unintentionally exploring the city before we found our way back to the highway. With games, activities, and movies on the bus, we kept ourselves entertained.

Following another stop in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area, we arrived at our destination – Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey, just before midnight. While the youth headed to their rooms to get ready for the night, the adult leaders met to discuss our week’s itinerary. It’ll be a short night for all, but we’re excited about getting to work tomorrow morning! Check back tomorrow for details about our first day of service.

Journey to Jersey: Day Two

After fourteen and a half hours on the road, we arrived at our destination for the evening: Zion Lutheran Church in Waterville, Ohio.


Over 300 youth and their leaders will sleep on floors and in pews as we prepare for the second leg of our journey. We are so grateful to the folks at Zion for hosting us and inviting us to worship with them tomorrow morning.

We learned about ALT (Abundant Life Together), an organization hosting year- long service immersion experiences for 18-25 year olds in Toledo. Lives are being changed and a city is being transformed by the work of ALT.

Finally, in devotions we talked about the difference between accompaniment and “mission work”. While one (mission work) focuses on our efforts to bring healing and renewal, the other (accompaniment) takes seriously the work that is already happening and the vibrant faith and determination of those who live in a particular place. We are committed to accompanying the people of New Jersey, lending or hearts and hands to the work they have already started.

We look forward to tomorrow’s stage of our journey and thank you for your support and prayers.