Holy Baptism: Grace Renewed (Pentecost +2) – July 18, 2017

During today’s service, we heard reflections from youth and sponsors who participated in the Nebraska Synod Mission Trip (“The Heart’s Journey”). Following their time, Pastor Andrew preached a sermon on Holy Baptism; unfortunately, that sermon was not recorded.

Pastor Andrew’s message focused on the relationship between Holy Baptism and the practice of repentance as a return to baptism. Following Luther, we believe that Holy Baptism is not simply a one-time event, but the well-spring from which the life of faith flows. As we repent daily – being honest about our faults before God and in relationship to others and resolving to turn our lives away from our own wants and toward God and our neighbor’s needs – we draw strength from the sacrament by which God calls us and claims us, and we receive what we need to face the day renewed in God’s grace.

Our series continues as we turn our attention to the second of the sacraments: Holy Communion.

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