FCAMA Advent Devotion – Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Sunday of Advent – Psalm 25

“He leads the humble in what is right and teaches the humble his way.” (Psalm 25:9, NRSV)

A psychologist friend once told me that if we cannot admit that we have done anything wrong, we become incapable of learning anything. We can also become incapable of learning anything if we think we already know everything, or at least think we have learned all we need to know. Unfortunately, there are many Christians who think they already know all that is necessary to know about themselves and God. Someone once said there are all sorts of people who have advanced degrees and certifications of technical ability in the pews who only have a children’s Sunday School education about God. Advent is an opportunity for us to “get over ourselves,” admit that we still have much to learn about ourselves and about God, and seek to understand why God chose to take on our skin in a stable, and put Himself as a vulnerable baby in our hands. It is also a time for seeking understanding what His “coming again” means for our future.

Lord of the stable and of the future yet to be revealed, humble us and teach us, about ourselves and Yourself.  Give us the security of your steadfast love for us to take away any fear we might have of that learning.  Amen.

– The Editors

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