FCAMA Daily Devotion – Monday, January 5, 2015

Psalm 117
“Another Year”

The Lord is faithful forever. (Verse 2, NIRV)

Here we are in a new year. 2015. Can you believe it? Another year!

When I was younger I would get excited about a new year, and then when the long January days hit, I wondered why I had been so excited. It felt like those days went on forever.

The Lord’s faithfulness is what goes on forever. Now that is a truth to be excited about, no matter the month or season!

So lift up your eyes to our faithful God, and rejoice. Another year, yes. Another year to live in the righteousness of Jesus and God’s will for you in 2015. It truly does not matter what things feel like. We can cling to our faithful God. There is real peace when you personally know the Faithful One who wants you to take hold of eternity through His love.

Another year. Yes, by faith living in the Lord.

 Oh, Mighty God, I thank you for your eternal faithfulness. Help me with my unbelief and trust issues. Help me, through Your Spirit to know more fully the depth of Your love for me, and to release my life to you. I praise Your Holy Name. Amen.

– Pastor Karla Shafer, Bethel United Methodist Church

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