FCAMA Daily Devotion – Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day – John 1:1-4

What came into being…was the light for all people. (Verses 3-4, CEB)

When the electricity goes off unexpectedly, don’t you try to find a flashlight or candle? When the electricity is back on with rooms once again lit, there’s something calming about being able to move without falling.

Life in this world is a walk in the dark. God sent His Son so we don’t have to “fall” as we move around in this darkness.  Jesus came bringing and being Light to everyone who will accept a saving knowledge of God the Father. In that Light, there’s calm and direction for how not to “fall” and harm ourselves. In daily intimate relationship with God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we’re led along with clear direction and peace. Peace on earth is found within anyone who walks their path in the Light sent to us at Christmas.

Ask the Light of the world – Jesus – to light your way.

Oh God, we thank you so sincerely for sending to us Your Son, our Savior. The darkness would have taken us over, but with the Light of Your Son, Jesus – we see. Help us to always seek the calming and peaceful Light of Your love for us. Amen.

– Pastor Karla Shafer, Bethel United Methodist Church

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