FCAMA Daily Devotion – Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Micah 5:1-5a

‘And he shall be the one of peace’ (Micah 5:5a, NRSV)

Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth was not peaceful. It was filled with travelers from all over the country. People coming to be enrolled, their lives were being upset as they traveled many miles to obey the orders of the government. They too were looking for some peace. Into the midst of these turbulent times came the prince of peace.

As the preparation for the Christmas celebration begins we wonder where we will find peace. Hopefully we can find it after all the fuss us over, after the food is prepared, the gifts are purchased, wrapped and opened, after the holiday parties, maybe then there will be some peace. But Jesus comes to bring us peace in the midst of it all.

Into the midst of our troubles, the bustle and business of our lives Jesus comes to bring peace. This peace is the calm assurance that Jesus will be with us as we experience the troubles. The peace Jesus brings gives the ability to endure the pain, work through the difficulties of life and to enjoy the Advent season even as we bustle about preparing for the celebration. Jesus is the ‘one of peace’ and he brings the peace that goes beyond our understanding.

Holy One of Bethlehem, bring peace into our lives so that we may know you are with us even in our darkest hour. Bring us peace so we may enjoy the coming celebration and find you in our hearts again. Amen.

– Pastor Roxie Sullivan, First Presbyterian Church, Falls City, and First Presbyterian Church, Hiawatha, KS

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