Journey to Jersey: Day Eight

As of this writing, our group is driving down Highway 50 toward Syracuse. It is great to be back in Nebraska, and we have stories to tell of the amazing people we met and accompanied, the friends we made, and the things we learned about serving in Christ’s name.

Today, we thanked our bus drivers, especially Al, Allen, Ron, and Kevin, who drove us all the way from Nebraska to New Jersey and back again. Their flexibility and concern for our group and the experience our youth would have was simply amazing. If you ever need to travel long distance by charter bus, Windstar Lines out of Lincoln is second to none.

We also thanked our planning team, our bus leaders, and everyone who made this trip such a memorable experience.

Most especially, we thank God for the incredible privilege of being called and claimed in the waters of baptism and sent out by the power of the Holy Spirit to be the body of Christ for the sake of the world. So often we are brought up short by questions of meaning and purpose. We wonder if our lives can truly make a difference for this suffering world. But then we are reminded of the words of Scripture and the heritage we have received as Lutheran Christians: that because of the grace we have received in Jesus Christ, we are freed from sin and death, freed for lives of loving service to God and neighbor, freed to joyfully do God’s work with our hands. May that lesson be the lasting legacy of this Journey to Jersey, and may our experiences guide us to see opportunities each day to go out with good courage, knowing that the Holy Spirit is always there to grant us strength, endurance, wisdom, and grace unbounded. Thanks be to God for those indescribable gifts. Amen.

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