Journey to Jersey: Day Five

Our journey continued this morning as we once again partnered with Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group. In addition to canvassing neighborhoods and gathering more information about the damage caused by the storm, we assembled hygiene kits to be distributed to folks in need around the Beachwood, New Jersey, area. We got to hear more stories from residents who described the impact the storm had on their homes and families. It is difficult to comprehend the different levels of damage that occurred on single streets: houses that sustained almost no damage sit alongside lots where houses no longer stand. Most people were appreciative of the information we provided, even when their house sustained little or no damage. One of our contacts with OCLTRG shared his story about communities coming together to support one another by establishing food pantries and other organizations to distribute aid.

Our productive workday was shorter than the last, because we needed to make preparations for this evening’s trip to New York City. Among the highlights of our visit were the following:

Seeing the 9/11 Memorial



Enjoying dinner at Pronto’s Pizza


Seeing the memorial at the NYC firehouse that stands directly across from the World Trade Center site for the brave souls who died trying to rescue their fellow citizens from the towers.





Seeing the Statue of Liberty and part of the NYC skyline



All in all, it was another great day. Tomorrow is our last service day, culminating with closing worship in the evening and preparations for our return trip home.

We look forward to sharing tomorrow’s experience with you.


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